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How to ensure your high throughput screening program is a resource-efficient hit
Serge Parel, 19 September 2017

High throughput screening (HTS) has long been an important first step in the search for new drug molecules. Here, the goal is to identify high-quality hits that can be easily optimized into lead compounds and ultimately, safe and effective medicines. In recent years HTS has become something of a numbers game – after all, with a larger screening...

Adopt a considered screening strategy for your hit identification campaign
Stephan Fasler, 8 September 2017

Developing robust and reliable high-throughput screening assays High-throughput screening (HTS) plays a pivotal role in drug discovery. It’s used to hunt for ‘hits’ – those sought-after molecules that modulate the activity of targeted biological pathways. Hits can progress through the pipeline to lead compounds and potentially, new medicines....

Could an over-reliance on computational PAINS filters prove a costly mistake for drug discovery?
Serge Parel, 23 May 2017

  High throughput screening (HTS) has long played a vital role in drug discovery within the pharmaceutical industry, and its use in academia is growing too. These large-scale assays are used to screen thousands of compounds in search of hits – those sought after compounds that are used as starting points in the development of novel...



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