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Simone Braggio

Simone leads the Drug Design and Discovery business line. He manages a team of 150 scientists who provide integrated drug discovery solutions capable of delivering high quality drug candidates in key therapeutic areas, with distinctive expertise in CNS, antibacterial, respiratory, inflammation and oncology. Simone has more than 30 years’ experience in pharmaceutical and contract research drug discovery. He has been involved in the optimization, selection and progression of more than 25 drug clinical candidates, mainly for the treatment of infection and CNS diseases.
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Reducing attrition in drug discovery using improved candidate selection strategies and more translational models

Attrition in drug development has long been an issue for pharma.Despite passing industry trends and pipeline developments, it’s one that isn’t going away. To discuss solutions to this key challenge, experts from pharma and biotech met in Boston on December 4th 2017 for the concluding workshop in ...

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Drug Discovery - making an impact

Top to bottom, the drug discovery process can be long, arduous, complex, and above all expensive. Often it seems the process is played by ear, with few definitive timelines or pathways to follow, and staff scientists will have to overcome hurdles and work within areas that may be unfamiliar. In ...

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The balance between cost vs. value in drug discovery and the impact of project timelines

Cost vs. value in drug discovery When it comes to drug development, the bare facts are that it takes a great deal of cash. The launch of a finished product is estimated to be in excess of $1 billion, meaning the effective analysis into the potential value a drug is likely to have, is significant. ...

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An overview of the drug discovery process

An introduction to the drug discovery process The drug discovery process underpins the entire pharmaceutical industry, encompassing the early stages of research from target discovery and validation, right through to the identification of a drug candidate or lead compound. Initial identification of ...

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Funding options for drug discovery programs

Funding options - the initial step The simple truth is, drug discovery costs. There is no getting around it, bringing a drug to life is estimated by many to cost over $1 billion. Hugely complex, often the entire process requires multiple financial mechanisms and relationships with multiple funding ...

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