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Improving the translational relevance of preclinical models for pulmonary fibrosis
Vince Russell, 29 January 2018

Preclinical models play a vital role in understanding the potency, efficacy and safety of new pharmaceutical products, allowing developers to make timely decisions on the progression of drug candidates. Given their importance for de-risking development programs, it’s essential preclinical models are as translational to human pathology as...

Reducing attrition in drug discovery using improved candidate selection strategies and more translational models
Simone Braggio, 24 January 2018

Attrition in drug development has long been an issue for pharma.Despite passing industry trends and pipeline developments, it’s one that isn’t going away. To discuss solutions to this key challenge, experts from pharma and biotech met in Boston on December 4th 2017 for the concluding workshop in Aptuit’s conference series entitled Improving...

Three ways to manage risk in drug development
Ciriaco Maraschiello, 16 January 2018

Drug development can sometimes feel a little like a ski holiday in the Swiss Alps: an inherently costly and risky venture. Indeed, even a well-seasoned developer can soon find costs have snowballed, timelines have slipped, and a veritable mountain of resources has been invested in a program that has prematurely fallen by the wayside. However,...


Overcoming tomorrow’s formulation challenges to deliver the medicines of the future
Paul Overton, 24 November 2017

What strategies and technologies should we adopt if we’re to turn today’s promising drug molecules into tomorrow’s safe, effective and affordable medicines? That was the focus of the discussion at Aptuit’s one-day workshop, Improving Candidate Selection Strategies: Translating Molecules into Medicines, held in Hertfordshire, UK, on October 23rd

Formulation strategies for oral bioavailability enhancement
Michael Rutherford, 24 November 2017

With tablets and capsules convenient for patients to take and cost-effective to manufacture, it’s little wonder that oral delivery is the preferred route of administration for most pharmaceutical development projects. Yet current discovery strategies are increasingly resulting in larger, more lipophilic drug candidates. It’s thought that up to...



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