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Quality by Design in drug development

A more systematic approach to drug development There are few environments where quality control is more important than in drugmanufacturing. Medicines must be safe to use and deliver a consistent clinical effect to treat the targeted disease. However, even with the most robust quality control ...

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Integrating Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient program into drug discovery and drug development

Integrating API – Not limited to drug development Both drug discovery and drug development are critical to the identification of novel medicines that may at one point in the future have a significant impact on global health. There are many variables that go into the processes, such as the defining ...

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Technology transfer in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) strategy

The challenges of technology transfer in API When it comes to optimizing your API strategy, technology transfer can mean different things to different people. It can either refer to the transfer of the process (together with its documentation) between product development to manufacture, or it can ...

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